Our Mission

Our sincere mission is to help as many individuals and businesses as possible grow and sustain success
by securing the capital they need to build their future. We are committed to providing the highest level
of service to our clients as they pursue their business dreams.

About Us

Common Sense Capital Solutions is a leading provider of alternative funding solutions for businesses of
all types and sizes. We are a team of highly motivated finance consultants ready to help guide you
through the full process of securing the RIGHT loan for YOUR business needs. Just like your
business, financing solutions are not one size fits all and should be designed to best suit your needs and

We offer our clients a unique combination of 1) extensive commercial capital industry knowledge, 2) a
vast and diverse network of national financial partners that provide alternative capital, PLUS 3) the
invaluable aspect of personal experience and perspective because we’ve been in their shoes. Prior to
establishing this company, we were small business owners in the Real Estate Investment industry for
over 20 years. We know from personal experience how vital capital is to the success of a business and
how much of a struggle it can be to obtain it, which drove us to create Common Sense Capital Solutions.

We look forward to serving you and helping your business grow and succeed!