The Unmatched Accessibility of a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

Financing has always been one of the best tools small business owners have to ensure the success of their business. The only issue is that many small business owners feel they cannot qualify for a loan due to their poor credit score or credit history. This is especially unfortunate because those with a low credit score are often the ones who need financing the most. The solution is the stated income commercial real estate loan. This special kind of financing is designed specifically to be easy to be approved. At Common Sense Capital Solutions, we are committed to helping you get the working capital you need to make your business thrive.

How Stated Income Loans Are Unique

The biggest aspect that is different for stated income loans is the way qualification is determined. Most loans rely on credit, but stated income loans instead rely on income. If your business is making money, chances are good that you could be approved. This means a failed business in your past cannot hold your current successful business back anymore. The other requirement is that your business can cover the insurance, mortgage, and taxes of the loan. Even if you have been denied in the past, turn to Common Sense Capital Solutions if you think you could benefit from a stated income loan.

How You Can Use Your Loan

With financing, there are so many options you have to improve or secure your small business. Some of the most common uses for financing include:

  • Consolidating debt or refinancing
  • Leasing or purchasing new equipment
  • Remodeling your real estate
  • Investing in your marketing
  • Purchasing a second locations
  • Hiring more staff

Common Sense Capital Solutions is here to help your business succeed because we believe in your small business. We are available to answer any questions you may have about the process, so give us a call today.