Commercial Real Estate: Make Yourself Known

Commercial real estate can be a tough business to crack. You can know everything there is to know, but that knowledge does you little good if you have no clients. Even once you find clients, the closing process can take a long time, since there are so many factors for buyers to consider when purchasing commercial property. If you want to expand your influence, you must put yourself out there by marketing yourself, finding and pursuing leads and asking for help when you need it.

Market Yourself

There are many ways to get your name in front of other people, and that is essentially what marketing does. Consider using social media accounts to attract new business. Through these platforms, you can offer small nuggets of advice and opinion, dangling the carrot of your expertise in front of potential clients. Your profile on commercial databases can get your name out there. You can also create your own website that draws attention from people who search for keywords related to your specialty or expertise.

Pursue Leads

Another key to getting your foot in the door with your local commercial real estate prospects is to seek them out actively. You cannot wait for clients to walk through the door. Real estate listings are goldmines when it comes to finding people who are motivated to sell their commercial properties. Contact sellers and offer them your services. Some will decline, but others may be in over their heads and thus grateful for your assistance. If there is a desirable property, contact your local tax assessor’s office to get the owner’s contact information. Perhaps they could benefit from your services. The bottom line is that you won’t find new clients if you don’t ask for them.


Ask for Help

Keep in mind that you do not have to build your clientele by yourself. Your firm can offer support. It may have a marketing team specifically tasked with helping you create a portfolio and get your name in front of interested clients. If there is an agent or broker with years of experience whom you admire, ask him or her to mentor you. By offering your support, you may be rewarded with clients in the future when the workload gets out of hand. Ultimately, the firm benefits from your success, so it is likely that it will do what it can to help you get there.

Commercial real estate may be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. If you market yourself well, pursue leads and let others help, it can help jumpstart a lucrative career. Give us a call to get started.

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