Productivity Myths Debunked

Think you’ve hit a wall when it comes to boosting your productivity? There are many strategies and tips floating around claiming to change production levels. While some of these may seem beneficial, others aren’t.

Take a look at the 10 biggest productivity myths floating around today.

1. Morning People Are Successful

The biggest myth may be centered around morning people. Some are hardwired to do their best work in the morning while others are better later in the day. If you are a night owl, don’t change your body clock to buy in to this myth.

2. Stress Decreases Productivity

Stress is not the greatest thing, but for some, it can be a great motivating force. Some people work better when the pressure is one while others shut down. If you get more done when the heat is on, then keep it up.

3. Procrastination Is Bad

Waiting until a deadline approaches may be just the push you need to get it done. Find a way to manage your time better as deadlines approach.

4. Check Your Email

Email can become a black hole and heeding the advice to stay on top of your inbox may wind up having a negative effect. If you do better only checking in a few times a day, continue doing it.

5. Skip Meetings

While some meetings may be a time killer, others may also give you the motivation you need to get over a hurdle. Collaboration can boost productiveness for some.

6. Focus on One Thing

It would be nice if you could focus on one task at a time, but this is a luxury you probably don’t have. Working on more than one thing may take some juggling, but it does not have to bring your productiveness down.

7. Don’t Write Lists

Some people do better with making lists and some don’t. Stop writing down your priorities to save time may cost you more.

8. Workout More

You may not be the most enthusiastic exerciser, and that’s OK! While the health benefits of exercise are well known, don’t think you need hours in a gym to stay focused at work.

9. Stay Connected

You don’t need to have your phone with you all the time to get work done. Disconnecting for some people makes it easier to get work done.

10. Always Be Organized

Your desk may be full of stacks, but if you know where everything is, then don’t change your system.

Productivity is something everyone strives to increase. However, trying to change the way you perform your best to try and get a few extra things done may backfire. Do what works for you – not what works for everyone.

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