The Benefits of Partnering With Common Sense Capital Solutions

As the owner of a small lending firm, you are probably aware of the possibility of receiving a client whose needs are simply too great for you to cover. In fact, this happens so often, it may have already happened to you already. You probably had no choice but to turn them away. This is not a satisfying result to the situation. As some of the largest clients you ever received, their business is especially appealing. Instead of turning them away and having no way of benefiting from them, enter into Common Sense Capital Solutions’ referral and broker program. We have designed it to be as beneficial as possible for our partners. The benefits of our referral program include:

  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Short payment time after closure
  • Generous compensation rates, commissions, and referral fees
  • Future reciprocals for any returning clients
  • Avoid the bad reputation for turning clients away

We promise that we will treat your client with the same level of respect that we direct toward our own clients. Plus, we are a nationally recognized lending firm. That means you never have to worry about whether or not we can fulfill their needs. We have a dedicated team of financial experts that always work hard to determine how to meet each individual client’s unique needs specifically. When you turn a client over to us, you can rest easy knowing they will receive the best service possible and be approved for a solid loan.

Working With Common Sense Capital Solutions

In addition to our referral and broker program, we are also looking for financial experts to join our team. If you are passionate about helping people and know your way around a loan, you would fit right in. If you have the charisma skills to explain complicated financing information to others quickly and clearly, give us a call today. Learn more about all the benefits that our team members enjoy.