Steps for a Better Work-Life Balance

Remember a time when the 40-hour work week was standard? Today, that may seem like nothing more than a fanciful dream. With increased competition in the workplace, higher expectations to perform from employers and ever-present technology, it’s more difficult than ever to achieve a good work-life balance. Though everyone wants to enjoy a better personal life outside of one’s career, it’s not always easy to find that elusive goal. Fortunately, you can employ some effective strategies to improve the way you maintain success in the workplace and fulfillment and satisfaction at home.

Ditch the Electronics


The prevalence of smartphones, tablets and laptops have enhanced the way people everywhere work and live. Within seconds, you can access any information you seek, and you can communicate with colleagues and family all across the world. Virtually any knowledge you need is just a click or two away. But reliance on these devices have also created problems: people become addicted to them. If you overuse your electronic devices, you’re never really off the clock. If you’ve got your smartphone or tablet everyone you go, you likely check your email and text messages frequently. This can disrupt family activities and personal pursuits. Once you get home from work, unplug these devices and focus on the people around you.

Hit the gym and Relax


Physical health is vital to a good work-life balance. Though it may feel impossible to find the time during your busy schedule, make time to exercise regularly, even if its’s just for a few minutes a day. When you work out consistently, you reduce stress and refocus on your personal matters. This will not only help increase your effectiveness at work, but it will also help you feel more refreshed in all your activities.



It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and become bogged down in the same routine each and every day. If you’re feeling as though your life is in disarray and out of place, it’s time to sit down and evaluate what’s most important to you. If you list family life and relationships at the top, build your daily engagements around those ideals.

Don’t Expect Perfection


Often, people become workaholics when they get too caught up in in performing flawlessly. Work hard in your profession but recognize that you will make mistakes. When you fall short, learn from your shortcomings and move forward.

Work-life balance doesn’t have to be difficult. Make this an essential objective, and you can be happier at work and at home.

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