Sustainable Business Practices

 As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Many things could potentially keep you up at night: hiring and retaining competent employees, producing useful goods and services, attracting a loyal customer base. All of these things will help build a profitable and long-lasting business. In addition, you also have the responsibility of running a business that does some good in the community and in the world at large. This includes running a sustainable business that does its part to protect the environment. As landfills overflow across the globe, and as valuable resources become more and more scarce, it’s important to employ good environmental practices that will help keep the world in which you live and work a better place for everyone.



Is there a more effective and more familiar way to do your part for than environment than to recycle? Everyone has seen the blue garbage bins, but do you have them in your office? If you don’t, it’s long past time to start this policy. At your workplace, make sure you don’t only provide these receptacles but that you emphasize proper use of them. Place larger ones in breakrooms and hallways, and place smaller ones at each workstation and in each office. Remind employees regularly what should go in these bins and how vital it is to use them. Establish a mindset among all your staff members that you want to be a sustainable business by keeping the environment clean.

Use of Paper


Paper has become less and less prevalent in all types of businesses across the world. More than likely, you consume far less today than in years past with the explosion of the internet and of digital technology. It’s efficient and easy to transmit communication via email and other means than it is to send materials through the mail. Yet, businesses can do better. You can almost eliminate the need to use postage and create documents and mail them to clients and business colleagues. You can also cut down on paper by ensuring you have updated mailing lists.



There’s no question that your office needs well-built, durable furniture to suit your everyday needs. But do you consider what kind of furniture you buy and use? Look for options that use eco-friendly materials and chemicals. When things start wearing out, instead of sending them to the garbage, consider ways you can recycle them.

If you want to build a sustainable business, you need to help preserve the environment in which you work. Use these techniques to ensure you are contributing to the world in a positive way. Looking for ways to get financing for your business? Give us a call today.

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